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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween and Sweets

Happy Halloween, everyone.

We (Amber, her mother, and myself) went to see Marie Antoinette on Saturday (At least, I believe it was Saturday. My recollections are always somewhat hazy...) after a decidedly long day for me. Amber had been wanting to see it for some time, and I think she was satisfied with it. Something of a chick flick, I suppose - but a well done movie, overall. The first half of the movie was about the utter lack of sex in Marie's arranged marriage, and the drama that such a scandalous endeavor would entail. The movie evolved into further drama, and proceeded to end as a glorified drama. I wasn't particularly impressed, but I did enjoy my time.

So, converging back from the semi-related tangent to a more relevant topic, Amber and I are trying to decide exactly what we're going to do tonight. I'm still stuck here at work, and she's finishing up some work for school. We're likely going to end up snuggling on the couch watching a movie of some sort. Perhaps there will be some horror films on SciFi, or something of the like?

Here's to a Happy Halloween night for everyone.

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