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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Party and Love

Well, Amber, Chenoa, Catinka and myself went to a halloween party tonight...

My legs are exahausted, my head hurts (from the music), and I'm only slightly sleepy at 1:52. Perhaps it's only 12:52 in my mind. But then again, this is the last year for daylight savings time, isn't it?

Here's what we looked like before we left. :)

From Amber
I'm a priest, and she's a little girl. Think V for Vendetta, here. Actually, her mother(!) made the comment, "Shouldn't you be a little boy...?". So, dun dun dun.

So I come home, clean up a bit at the apartment, and sit down on GWing. I didn't feel it was worth my time to respond to anything as of yet, and thought like usual that I would leave it to the community to say more effectively what I would say in a single sentence or word. After browsing around and reading all the new posts since this morning, I thought that I'd look at DiggDot.us' newest posts, since they're on my Google Homepage.

I found an interesting post on what love is, and thought it was a touching read. Kids certainly do say the darndest things don't they?