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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What A Friend Said About Me.

Just caught this over a MySpace (gasp!) bulletin. Actually, I'm lying, Shannon called me when she posted this to make sure I saw it. Because you know I wouldn't have.
Girls - pick the first guy on your top friends.
Unless their family than pick the next one.
Guys - do the same, but the first girl .

- Don't change it
- Enter their name
- Be honest
- Repost this so your friends can do it too

1. Who is it?

2. How did you meet?
6th grade, baby. We go back.

3. If you were crying would this person cheer you up?

4. Where is this person?

5. Have you ever spent the night with this person?
I've crashed at his place. But not with him. We don't roll like that, s0n.

6. Will this person repost this?
Lol, Never.

7. Is this person family?
Yup. Always will be part of it.

8. Do you trust this person ?
Uh Hu. He knows me better than anyone.

9. If you could change something about them, would you?
Nope. Well, I'd make it so he called more often. But we're both so damn busy.

10. Does this person live close to you?
5 minutes away.

11. How much does this person know about you?
TOO much...=). Just kidding.

12. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with this person?
We'd probably do stuipd shit so the people monitoring the elevator cameras
would be laughing their asses off. And then I'd probably be fussing him out, saying this was all his fault and he'd just sit there trying to take apart the damn elevator keypad and claim it was something he's always wanted to do. What a retard... ;)

13. Do you argue with this person?
God yes. And we fight. I'm Talking an all out BRAWL. ;)

14. If you guys went to jail together, what would it be for?
Running from the cops. Hacking into some top secret government website. Aiding and Ebedding. TRYING to get into Lake Royal. ha...

15. Do you want to see this person right now?
Sometime soon, Yeah. I miss him =(

"MY TOP BOY"- if you're a girl and "MY TOP GIRL"-if your a guy

I love you too, Shannon. You're... mostly correct. On which parts... I'm not at liberty to disclose. :D

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