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Monday, October 29, 2007

Douche Parking Job by Nissan 350Z; Leaving a note for them

Nicole Lee writes, "...while I understand that all people have their moments, the above photo is what gets to me. People who don
’t care about anyone at all, or are so absorbed in their own worlds that they forget that other people, and other people’s property exists as well. So, I left a friendly reminder..."

Oh yes, Cole. This is golden.

This has been done before, but it is NONETHELESS a very loser-ish thing to do. It truly is not that difficult to put the car in reverse and give it another shot - you are NOT beautiful and unique snowflake. No matter how awesome your car is.

There is no excuse for this douchbaggery. You should've done more.

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Cole looks like she got a resolution!



Score, darling. Score.

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