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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Great Gamer Championship

Jayme and I have decided to determine which one of us is the best at playing games.  We're in the process of choosing the games to be played to determine the best of the best.  (Or atleast between us two.)  We're trying to get an equal amount of games on both the console and the PC, since he's a console gamer, and I'm a PC gamer.  The winner of this will get bragging rights an' all that, but I think we'll need to write an agreement of some sort stating that the winner is final, no bitching about how the choices of games are sucky, and how lag killed you, and that when entering, you agree that it is FINAL.  So yeah.  Here's what we have so far, and by no means is this list final:

FPS (Console):  Halo 2 (XBOX)
RTS (PC): Starcraft w/ Expansion
Fighter (Console):  Guilty Gear (X or XX) - (Playstation/PS2) 
Simulation (PC): Mechwarrior 4:Mercenaries w/ MekTek's MekPak 3
Sports (PC?): Pong
Puzzle (Console): Tetris
Arcade (Arcade): Initial D v3+  -OR-  DDR

So that's a tally of 7 games so far, 3 console, 3 PC, and one arcade.   Of course,  I'd like to have two more, including a FPS for the PC, such as Unreal Tournament... and an additional game on the console to account for this.  Perhaps a 3D Fighter such as Tekken 4/5, Mortal Combat: Deception/Deadly Alliance, or King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact?

We'll see.

Eric Martindale
IT Professional
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