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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Debates... oh the fun.

Today's topic? Linux vs. Windows.

I'm arguing that serverside, there's nothing better than Linux.  It's more widely used, even.  I'm also saying that clientside, there's nothing better than Windows.  My extensive point is that Windows would never improve if Linux wasn't a competitor.  Even with Server 2003, Linux still blows the rest of the market away.  Sure, I'd love to use a fully compatible mainstream box that doesn't crash.  But without competitors, Windows will never become that.  Thanks to Linux, we have improved greatly since the beginning.

Then there's the Mac thing.  At this point, you're probably asking, "I thought he was a PC guy?" and I am.  There's no denying that touching a Macintosh makes me feel sick.  However, let's give them some credit, right?  Look at what the iPod has become.  Apple has the potential to become the biggest, the best, and the most used.  They're getting there, and stepping over to the Intel chipset was a GREAT move.  But, it just isn't enough to give them the kick in the ass that they need, yet.  I'm speculating that if Microsoft doesn't clean up their act soon, whether it's Vista or Live... Mac will dominate the future market.

Of course at this point people will STILL be using their own Linux boxes off in the background, and the market share will be about the same.  So here I am, using Windows to access my Linux server - with an old iMac in the other room sitting in a pile of junk.

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