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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Seventeen years ago today, a girl was born to two wonderful parents.  As she entered this world, she brought extraordinary gifts that were packaged together in the most exquisite compilation to have ever graced this world.  Her smile has become something that provides warmth and comfort to even the longest of faces.  The sound of her voice soothes and heals any wound, whether it be physical, mental, or even the deepest of the emotional. Looking into her eyes lets one have a glance into heaven, displaying a woman of true strength.  Her touch sends one in to a state of absolute ecstasy with something as simple as a brush of her hand across one's cheek.  Her personality is warm and inviting, and when I am in her arms, I am home.

I love you Amber Lynn.

Happy 17th Birthday!

Eric Martindale
IT Professional
Admin of GWing.net

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