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Thursday, January 19, 2006


People's fonts in messengers.  What the hell?

I'm using Gaim, a program that allows me full control over any messenger I use, and keeps them all within the same window.  (AIM, MSN... all in one buddy list, plus all the messages can come in the same window, tabbed. =D  )  I've used a feature within Gaim to ignore people's font sizes, because it's annoying to read a size 6 font on even something like 1024 x 768 resolution, let alone anything above that.  So here comes this message, in a nice loopy font that makes me scoot so damned close to the monitor that I can actually see the pixels.  That's fine, I can deal with it.   But then as I cross the distance from my normal resting position in my chair to about 12 inches from the monitor, I notice that the text is written in a light grey color on a white background.  Ugh, what is this crap?  Pick on Eric day?

Oh no, wait... I get it.  It's all part of this "individuality" thing.  You know, when people are referred to as things like "xXx  PWRLVL  xXx"  and  "§Φ¶ђỉ€".  And their profiles say things like " wishing upon a star, i wished for a happy ending<3 ".  What kind of individual are you when you can be grouped with everyone else who does these 'emo' and 'punk' and 'jock' and 'rocker' and 'metal' things.  I guess you are ALL now considered IM culture whores.  Every single one of you who habitually check profiles, update their myspaces, have myspaces, and block people for a second time (or more) on a regular basis... are IM culture whores.  All of you.

Sure, it's all good when you disregard your shift key to actually capitalize things...  but it's bad when you leave CAPS LOCK ON AND YOU TYPE LIKE THIS.  It's even worse  when u type lik this and decide 2 substitute things so u dont hav 2 type so much.  At the very least, learn to type in proper English, you morons.

Eric Martindale
IT Professional
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